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Michael Rodrigues 

Michael Rodrigues is an Australian writer, actor and producer, having worked in film, television and commercials over the past ten years. His acting credits include City Homicide,Rush, Sea Patrol, Offspring, Secrets and Lies and The Unlisted for ABC/Netflix. Most recently Michael worked on the action feature, Suka and television series, Last King Of The Cross for Paramount+.

In 2019, Michael began his career as a writer and has a number of projects in development with the United States and Australia. Michael serves as creator, writer and producer on the science fiction drama series – 3010, now in development with show-runner Paul Mullie (Stargate, Dark Matter). His current slate also includes horror film, They’ll Come For Us and action film, Scope. Recently Michael completed his directorial debut on the drama short film, Sober which he also co-wrote.


Project Loglines
3010 – A determined woman, experiencing psychosis, may be the key to humanity’s survival in a ravaged and oppressed world.

They’ll Come For Us – Two groups of survivors clash after experiencing and perceiving events completely differently, while trying to survive in a world overrun by zombies.

Scope – An elite assassin starts to question what he does, as a conspiracy within the covert organisation he is a part of starts to unfold, throwing him into a fight for his life. 

Sober - Two sisters, struggling with addiction, travel back to their childhood home to face the trauma they endured as children.

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