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Cameron Zayec_Headshot_2023-3.jpg

Cameron Zayec

With an impressive track record of over 15 years in the industry, Cameron has gracefully transitioned from an experienced Cinematographer to an emerging Director, gaining recognition rapidly.  


His powerful debut short film, "RAINBOW," as writer, director and cinematographer, recently won the coveted Golden Tripod at the prestigious National Australian Cinematography Awards for its cinematic storytelling and was officially selected for St Kilda Film Festival.


Cameron is currently heading the creative team as Co-Director & Cinematographer of the Surreal Music Comedy Series "SUGARHOPE RECORDS", now in post-production and has a further four short films written and directed, also in post-production, including the Sci-Fi Cinematic Music Experience "LAST MAN LEFT ALIVE" for Melbourne rock group 'The Ugly Kings'.  The stylised, hilarious and emotionally crafted Zombie apocalypse film, purpose written for the disability-identifying cast "ZOMBIES ARE PEOPLE TOO," and the stunning, time jumping and emotionally heartbreaking rollercoaster, "HOPE" that follows the journey of a couple desperately trying to have a baby.


Cameron has also quickly and comfortably taken to directing commercials and is excited about more coming up.   


Collaborating with Cameron is a cherished experience, leaving those involved with lasting memories and meaningful outcomes.    If you're looking to join forces with a passionate and visionary filmmaker, who’s keen to innovate, Cameron would love to hear from you. 

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